modernistic = modernist aesthetic

PRINCIPLES of our work


structures that respect nature and are shaped about the land


custom crafted around life with intrinsic purpose and functionality


utilize passive house techniques with modern materials not antiquated methods


details from years of consideration to achieve livable minimalism


ensure installation requirements and industry best practices are followed

ABOUT what makes us unique

Every project is tailored to the client. There are no off-the-shelf plans or designs here. Inspiration strikes from experience. Continuous advancement is inherent. A designer / architect should be instated from the inception of a custom home or remodel, retained throughout construction, and participate in post occupancy to truly see the proper execution of their plan. Our work places the plan at the center of the project with all parties belonging to one team with the same end goal. Challenges are expected in any construction project and working together proves invaluable to a proper solution.

Our services reach beyond floorplans and home design. Client surveys, information collection sessions, and site visits are crucial to developing a design that fully integrates the land, environment, and client. Selection of interior and exterior finishes and products (insulation, roofing, siding, masonry, windows, doors, mechanical systems, etc) down to plumbing fixtures, HVAC, appliances, lighting, hardware, furniture, electronics, and artwork is available. Choices can be input to the digital model and experienced in Virtual Reality (VR) before ground is ever broken. Knowledge and experience with advanced mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems provide basis for selection and review. Walk-throughs are conducted throughout the construction process at various stages (framing, rough-in, drywall, trim-out, substantial completion) to ensure compliance with plans and best practices. Follow up visits after taking ownership can review function of systems and seasonal items that may need to be addressed. This arduous process ensures the quality and longevity of such an investment for just a fraction of its cost.

EXAMPLES of our work

Compact Kitchen
Billiard Room
Open Plan
Medium Kitchen
Master Suite
Deck / Balcony
Ongoing Project
Large Kitchen
New Construction
New Construction
Custom Ceiling


whether you're a homeowner, contractor, developer, or real estate professional we're here to help with a large variety of design and consulting services on a range of building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and control systems

- custom floorplans / 3D floorplans / modifications
- interior design / custom furniture and cabinet design
- 3D visualization services / walkthroughs / renderings
- quality consultant / building forensics / problem solving
- building material selection / advanced building assemblies
- technology / systems / equipment recommendations
- energy efficiency / sophisticated HVAC / smart homes


Aaron Adams | Design Principal | Modernistic Homes

Modernistic Homes is led by a combination of over 30 years of experience in multiple fields. Over 20 years are specifically in the residential construction / remodel / salvage with hands-on design and building experience in every aspect of home construction including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. This intimate knowledge is further expanded with 10 years of commissioning experience in commercial, industrial, and transportation construction industries covering every kind of system from advanced HVAC and renewable power to building envelope and life safety systems. Other involvement and training includes blower door testing, thermal imaging (infrared / IR cameras), and even ground penetrating radar.